Sponsorship Fees &
Site Policies

Sponsorship Fees

The sponsorship fee may differ depending on the type of award. The table below gives an overview of our sponsorship fees. All prices (and payment) are in US dollars.

You can just scroll down to see all available awards. Or, to jump to the award class of your choice, click one of the following links:

Sponsorship/Award TypeSponsorship
Fee (USD)
Best Cat/Kitten/Alter/HHP/HHP Kitten$75 USD
2nd through 25th best Allbreed Cat/Kitten/Alter/HHP/HHP Kitten$15 USD
Top Longhair & Shorthair Cats
(not in Top 25 Allbreed Cats)
$15 USD
OS/OD/LA Awards$75 USD
Best of Breed Awards$15 USD
Junior Exhibitor Awards$15 USD
Member/Humanitarian/Sportsman of the year$25 USD
Show/Catalog of the year$15 USD
All prices (and payment) are in US dollars.

Site Policies

  • Once your order is complete, all sponsorships are final — no changes, no refunds.
  • Each award can have only one sponsor. (Once an award has been sponsored, its “Add to Cart” button will be greyed out.)
  • You can sponsor as many awards as you want.
  • All prices (and payment) are in US dollars.
  • The final deadline to sponsor an award is 9 PM on Wednesday, July 10, 2024.
  • The Sponsor Name (e.g., “Sponsored By…”) you provide at checkout will be printed in the awards booklet, published publicly on our winners’ website, and included in the PowerPoint presentation shown at the awards banquet. (We do reserve the right to edit the Sponsor Name for brevity or appropriateness.)
  • We will never share, sell, or otherwise publicly release any of our sponsors’ personal information or emails (other than the Sponsor Name, as noted above).

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